Month: <span>November 2017</span>

Help Now for anxiety in the moment.

Don't you hate it when you feel worried or anxious and someone tells you, "Just relax!"  Sometimes we can't just make it to the beach. And it may even feel like we have no control over the panic or worry. Well, you actually do - if you distract yourself (and your brain) with something in the moment. Try one of the following tactics that you can do instantly. My favorite is using the 5 senses to describe wherever you are...think road rage on the 405 or when you are triggered by the boss in a meeting (okay, mabye don't lie on the floor in that situation...). 

  1. Lie on the floor on your back and practice breathing from your diaphram (tummy).
  2. Smell something strong (pleasant) and say a positive affirmation.
  3. Stand in the “Warrior Pose." Notice your balance and your strength.
  4. Push your hands against the wall (or press your back against the wall) slowly and notice your muscles pushing. Take note of the sensations in your body, the temperature of the wall, the support of the wall, etc.
  5. Name six colors you see in the room (or outside).
  6. Take a bath or shower.
  7. Use your 5 senses and vocalize what you see, hear, feel, smell and taste at this very moment, wherever you are. Use at least 2 descriptive words for each sensation.
  8. Count backwards from 20 as you walk around the room.
  9. Take an ice cube and rub up and down your arm. Notice the sensations.
  10. Drink a cold glass of water.