I am a Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in helping people make incredible shifts in their relationships and mental well being. Whether you are seeking support with specific areas in your life or are ready for overall self-care, reflection and re-focusing, I can help you. 

  • Are you the kind of person whose life looks pretty darn good on the outside, but on the inside you tell yourself a different story?

  • Do you feel like something is missing?

  • Are you uncertain about the future of your relationship? 

  • Are you tired of trying things to inspire you or create change, but these just don't work?

If any of this resonates with you, then you may be ready to collaborate with me and start the process of healing...And it doesn't have to be painful. I will go at your own pace, while helping you build resiliency to face any blocks or challenges that may be keeping you from the ideal life you want. Working with me will be engaging, direct, evocative, and an opportunity to find clarity, peace and joy. 

If you are struggling with relationship issues, health problems, indecision, anxiety or depression, we will explore what brings you relief through the course of our work together.  I do more than just listen. If you want to find a new sense of hope or motivation, more fulfillment in your relationships or even a better sense of your intuition and higher self, you can start here right now.

I believe...

  • We are wired for survival; Everyone has the ability to heal.

  • Emotional connection is what brings us joy, peace and safety.

  • Bringing the unconscious to awareness is life changing

  • Living your Truth, following your inner voice, is always possible.

If this sounds like you, then make an appointment or call for more information. 310.584.7789

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